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Palms of Pasadena Hospital Patient Returns to Thank His “Guardian Angel”

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Palms of Pasadena Hospital Patient Returns to Thank His “Guardian Angel”


St. Petersburg, Florida (April 16, 2019) ― Palms of Pasadena Hospital was pleased to see the return of an ER patient, Mr. Chiodo, recently. He came back to pay a special thank you to Mike Jones, a paramedic. Just another testament on how Palms of Pasadena Hospital is here to serve our community and deliver quality care.

Here’s the story:

Mike Jones, our paramedic, was pulling into work when he witnessed a man across the street that needed help.  The gentleman who needed help was Mr. George Chiodo. He was riding his bike along Pasadena Ave, approaching the trail and Mr. Chiodo noticed that there was a car stopped at the intersection that he was about to cross. The driver was apparently not paying attention to him and Mr. Chiodo quickly hit the brakes on his bike to avoid being hit by this car.  As a result, Mr. Chiodo took a very bad fall, lost consciousness and broke his arm but avoided being hit by the car. Michael jumped out of his car, ran across the very busy road to assisted him and waited with him until EMS arrived. The gentleman was brought to our ER and cared for and has since had a full 100% recovery. He had sent Mike a gift to his fire department last year calling him his guardian angel.  He was back in town recently, as he is a “snowbird” to this area, and had a chance to see Mike.  Here is what he shared with us about his experience:

A “guardian angel” had come to my side. Michael came to my aid without hesitation and displayed the best side of the human spirit by helping a vulnerable person in distress.   Michael acted quickly, decisively, with confidence, coupled with kindness, and took control of my hurtful situation.  He guided me to the proper care for my injuries by leading me across the street to the Emergency Room all the while holding my arm for reassurance. Without Michael’s aid and assistance that day, I would have been lost being a visitor to the area, not knowing what to do next. I truly know that a guardian angel was sent to help me, and that guardian angel was Michael Jones. His selflessness and care are something I will never forget. There are times in life you see and experience wonderful sights, moments, and events. Those times are both beautiful and memorable. However, experiencing first-hand the unexpected kindness and care from another person in times of distress, this, makes a more powerful, beautiful, and memorable moment in one’s life.  I was blessed to have experienced this with Michael Jones and how he came to my side at a time when I needed help the most. I will never forget what Michael did for me on March 1, 2018.  I pray that he can continue to do his caring work for many years to come.”

Attached photo 1:  Mr. Chiodo in the Palms of Pasadena emergency room last year.


Photo 2:  Mike Jones, paramedic, and Mr. Chiodo pose for the camera on his return to St. Petersburg.






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