Opioids and the EMS Response

24-7, an online education provider offering courses from all EMS CE categories, has published this white paper on the relevant topic of opioids and emergency response.

Their website offers this description of the paper’s content:

In recent years, the use of both prescription and illegally manufactured opioids has seen a drastic increase in the number of EMS calls, emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and mortality nationwide. As an EMS professional, you more than likely have witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of drug addiction.

Specific topics covered

    • The scope of the problem
    • How Howard County, Maryland is handling the epidemic
    • Alternative approaches for EMS response
    • Recent additions to the arsenal of strategies at EMS’s disposal

Visit their website at 24-7.hsi.com/opioids-and-the-ems-response to download the full white paper.


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