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Natural disasters are not the main cause of data loss

‘PCMA Welcomes our new local partner Bizco’ 

As the Executive Director, it is rewarding to manage the ever growing needs of PCMA members and their staff.  What I find extremely challenging in this world of everything electronic, is turning on my office computer and seeing all emails, files and icons in Japanese….yes I had a virus, possibly ransomware!  With one (panicked) phone call to Bizco, they were able to remote access my computer and kill the virus. They also added extra protection, checked on other areas of my system and my computer was running faster and smoother than ever.  Do NOT WAIT FOR THE VIRUS, call Carlos Guerrero (402) 937-5816 today and set up a complementary consult for your practice and personal computers.  It most definitely will give you piece of mind!!!

By: Brad Osborn, Service Manager, Bizco Technologies

People often think that it will be a weather related catastrophe that will bring down their network and cause data loss, however, a localized event is much more likely. In 2014, 88 percent of downtime was caused by isolated hardware failures or local power outages, not major destructive events such as fires and floods.

Our goal at Bizco is to partner with you to evaluate your network and its vulnerabilities and then craft a unique BCDR (Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery) solution. Our preference is to focus on Business Continuity first, so that Disaster Recovery does not occur.

While you may think that you are immune from these issues, it is important to note that many businesses have a hard time recovering from the loss of income associated with a major data loss. In fact, according to the Red Cross, 40 percent of small businesses are so devastated after a major data loss that once they shut down, they never reopen.

To contact Bizco:

Email: directsales@bizco.com

Phone: 727-754-2688

My team can help you through a phased exploratory and developmental process to build your BCDR strategy.
The outline shown here is a high level overview of our Bizco BCDR process. We look forward to the opportunity to come in and meet with you to discuss in more detail how the Bizco Team can help you protect your investments, employees and company with a BCDR plan tailored to your needs.


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