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Marketing Your Medical Practice Series (4 of 4)

Each month we have been exploring different areas of a patient’s experience with your practice (“customer experience” in the business world).  This month, we are going to explore both the “Check Out Process” and your “Follow Up”. Just like last month’s topics, these two sections are especially critical if you have the type of practice that is based on elective procedures or in a competitive field (ie: plastics, dentistry, pediatrics).

Check Out

Since the patient’s last stop is at your payment window, you’ll want to ensure a smooth transition and consistency in this hand-off.  When escorting or directing patients to the check-out area, be consistent in how your staff provides next steps (labs, referrals, or follow up appointments).  Politely introducing the patient to the next staff member, while handing off the instructions, will go a long way in reducing errors or mis-understandings.

The manner in how this is done will create an immediate connection and trust.  Paying attention to the smallest of details, like tone of voice or eye contact, with a pleasant attitude will ensure that your patient feels sincere in your care and trust in your staff.

Follow Up

Positive impressions ensure that patients not only come back, but also refer their friends and family to you.  This is perhaps, the single most critical step in marketing for offices that engage in elective procedures.  We’re not talking about the obvious follow-up appointment here, we are talking about the touch points AFTER the visit.  Personal phone calls, or other consistent and timely technology reminders, provide a great service to the patient by reminding them of upcoming appointments, or checking on a recent visit.

If you have a sophisticated appointment system that can send emails after a visit, make sure you include links to your Google reviews.  Google reviews are tied to your Google Maps and are a major factor in Search Engine rankings (for the locations).  You’ll want to make sure you give your patients every opportunity to leave you a Five Star review!  Give the patient a choice of how to leave you a review by including one or two other website platforms (Facebook, HealthGrades, WebMD, etc..).

Don’t miss out on a valuable opportunity to keep your patient involved with your practice – after their appointment.


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