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Is your Storage up to par?

By: Joe Heinzle, Senior Solutions Architect, Bizco Technologies

Storage demands in the modern business are growing faster than ever. Document imaging, photos, video and records retention are contributing to rapid storage consumption and inadequate storage performance impedes productivity.

What can Nimble Storage do for you?

     Provides shared storage to leverage your multi-host virtual environment.

     Predictive use algorithm speeds access to deliver near-SSD performance with low-cost SATA hard disk and make all-SSD systems even faster.

     Compression and de-duplication technology reduces the storage footprint and reduce data-replication impact on networks.

     Lowers TCO via upgradable hardware. No need to replace the entire system as your storage needs grow.

     InfoSight central management predicts and prevents issues that may lead to downtime. Measured 99.9999% uptime across the installed base.

A Nimble Storage Hybrid-SAN solution delivers high performance at a lower cost than any comparable traditional brute-force solution, even out-pacing solutions using all-SSD or high performance spinning disk to attain performance goals.

Nimble Storage leverages a combination of fast Solid State Disk (SSD) storage, data compression and low-cost SATA spinning disks to provide a hybrid solution that delivers performance comparable to systems using 100% SSD at a lower cost to all-SSD.

Adding more value to your business is 99.9999% uptime, data compression, data deduplication, hardware upgradability and InfoSight online support and management tools.

Nimble Storage also meets the needs of the large enterprise with all-SSD solutions and system expansion up to 3.5 petabytes of capacity while still delivering sub-millisecond access times.

Let Bizco Technologies’ engineering team assess your environment and recommend a storage solution that will meet your business needs. Contact us today at 402-323-4888 or help@bizco.com

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