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Disaster Recovery Plan

It is the policy of practices to be prepared for a natural disaster. Physicians and staff should have assignments to prepare the practice for the disaster. To assist you with your own plans, North Pinellas Children’s Medical Center has shared theirs with our members. Please feel free to use as you see fit.

Download PDF: Disaster-Recovery-Plan2017.pdf

o Loss of power
o Loss of water
o Rising water damage
o Damage/loss of medical records
o No cell phone access
o Loss of use of hospital
o Loss of answering service
o Damage/loss of our physical plants
o Damage/loss of equipment
o Loss of physician staff
o Loss of employee staff
o Loss of patients
o Loss of transportation, road access
o Loss of suppliers
o Loss of maintenance personnel
o Loss of payroll processor
o Loss of mail delivery
o Loss of banking

When a natural disaster watch has been posted for our area, preparations will begin to secure the practice as follows:

• Pre Disaster Planning

o Administrator
 Arrange meetings/conference calls with managing physicians and management personnel to go over disaster preparation plan
 Update & distribute site level personnel contact list
• Tele-tree w/ cells & alt numbers, which personnel live in flood zones
 Update & distribute vendor contact list to management & physicians
 Secure contingency location to see patients if necessary post disaster
 Secure emergency phone/information line, e.g. hospital, answering service
 Prerecord informational message on phone
 Contact answering service and hospitals to make arrangements for post disaster on call or emergent patient needs
 Secure line of credit from bank

 Prepare water tight bins and assign a member of senior management not in evacuation zone responsible to move and secure the following offsite:
• Last payroll register, pay rates, scheduled deductions
• Last financial statement, general ledger, bank account #’s
• Manual checkbook
• Credit card
• Extra keys to all facilities
• Insurance policies
• Corporate minute book
 Assess insurance for adequate coverage
 Contact phone Co. to secure phone systems
• Set up emergency phone lines and pre-recorded messages
• Transfer lines to contingent location: answering service, hospital?
• Back up DSL line
 Contact IT Support to secure data systems
• Offsite redundant storage of backup server, software
• Secure redundant DSLs for telephone & data
 Remind employees & physicians to charge their cell phones
 Arrange meeting place for key personnel for post disaster recovery planning

o Front & Back Office Management to assign personnel to work as a team to:
 Empty shred boxes

o Front Office Managers
 Assign personnel not in flood zones to:
• Print & take appointment schedule for next two weeks offsite
• Print & take chart summaries offsite
 Contact patients for the next 24-48 hours to reschedule appointments
 Direct patients to hospitals, shelters, or offsite location if secured
 Post notice to patients of post disaster plan, emergency locations and phone numbers
 Empty staff refrigerators, stock with ice, throw away perishable food
 Unplug and cover computer equipment in department
 Catch up on medical record filing
 Stow away supplies and remove personal items from facility
 Throw away debris, empty boxes, etc. in department
 Set security systems

o Back Office Managers
 Take immunizations to remote location
 Tape windows
 Stock up on laundry supplies
 Check fire extinguishers
 Empty clinical refrigerators, stock with ice
 Move immunizations offsite
 Unplug and cover medical and computer equipment in department
 Shut off circuit breakers
 Throw away debris, empty boxes, etc. in department
 Pick up supplies
• Water
• Flash lights
• Mosquito repellent
• Hand sanitizer
• Disposable camera
• Batteries
• Disposable supplies
• Ice & ice packs
• First aide supplies

• Pre Disaster Planning Checklist

_____ Phone list updated and distributed (administrator)
_____ Arrangements for after hours coverage set (administrator)
_____ Patients contacted to reschedule appointments (front office managers) and provided information about post disaster care
_____ Appointment schedules for two weeks taken off site (front office managers)
_____ Disaster Recovery Plan notice posted in reception areas (front office managers)
_____ Equipment unplugged and covered (front and back office managers)
_____ Batteries, flashlights, critical supplies on hand (back office managers)
_____ Refrigerators cleaned out and stocked with ice (front & back office managers)
_____ Windows taped (back office managers and maintenance personnel)
_____ Perishables and immunizations taken off site (back office managers)
_____ Fire extinguishers & first aide supplies ready (back office managers)
_____ Credit line arranged (administrator)
_____ Vital information collected and taken off site in waterproof containers (administrator)
_____ Backups and offsite recovery of data and phone systems arranged (IT Support)
_____ Server and phone equipment rooms secured (IT Support)
_____ Contingency location arranged (administrator)
_____ Cell phones full charged (all personnel)
_____ Emergency contact number established for information about practice recovery (administrator)
_____ Post disaster meeting place secured (administrator)
_____ Laundry supplies stocked (back office managers)
_____ Back up generator (administrator)
_____ Insurance policies checked (administrator)

• Post Disaster Recovery Plan

o Management/Physicians
 Assess physical plants
• Take pictures of damage
 Contact insurance companies to file claims
 Reorganize & rebuild internal staff and set a plan to return to normal operation
 Secure line of credit
 Set up remote location to see patients (possibly hospital)
• Move IT system
• Transfer phone lines
• Move medical records
 Contact and organize maintenance and cleaning crews for repairs and cleanup

• Vendor Contact List

o Security Company
o Sheriff’s Office
o Landlords
o IT Support Company
o PMS Vendor
o Telephone Vendor
o ISP Support
o Answering service
o Pager Company
o Electric Company
o Medical Supply Company
o Immunization Suppliers
o Labs
o Hospitals
o Shelters
o Department of health
o Post offices
o Equipment vendors
o Maintenance personnel
 Electrical
 Air conditioning
 Roofing
 Glassier
 Handyman
 Refrigerator service
 Locksmith
 Pest control
o Banking Contact
o Accountant
o Payroll
o Attorney
o Retirement plan
o Insurance
 General
 Umbrella
 Work Comp
 Liability
o Lakeside occupational
o Health insurance
o Dental insurance
o Cobra

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