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Detecting Threats & Preventing Damage

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Everyone on the Internet has exposure to malware and hacking threats. Some type of malware is involved in 10.6% of security incidents. Bizco Technologies and Cylance can help protect your network.

What does CylancePROTECT do?

•Cylance uses artificial intelligence to detect ANDprevent Malware from hitting your endpoints.

•Machine Learning Techniques render new Malware,viruses, bots and unknown variants useless.

•Cylance detects and quarantines Malware in bothopen and isolated networks.

The security industry has come a long way in defending against malicious attacks. However, in the rush to create quick, easy, out-of-the-box solutions, the industry has gotten stuck in a vicious signature circle: Vendors develop new solutions, malware authors find techniques for defeating them, then the security industry designs another solution, leading to even more bypasses and attacks.

Many security solutions are now trying to tackle the malware detection problem with post-execution, “detect and respond” approaches, but Malware has found multiple ways to attack and bypass these solutions. With Cylance’s defense system in place, threatening software never hits the network.

Let Bizco Technologies’ team assess your environment’s security and recommend a solution that will keep your practice protected. Contact us today at 727-860- 2888 or ITFL@bizco.com

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