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Bizco Offers Proven ROI with UC Migrations

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By: Brad Osborn, IT Services Manager

Options for voice and data have changed. Ten years ago, people purchased separate phone lines for their phone network as well as a separate data circuit for their data and Internet traffic. Today, a Unified Communications (UC) system gives you the flexibility to integrate your phone and data services into a single, more cost effective, connection.

Industry leaders typically describe UC as communications being integrated in order to optimize business processes. This means that an organization is able to seamlessly integrate, or unify, its typical business processes with both real-time communications on the same network. Your
business benefits from one system with these features:

• Mobility
• Call Control and Presence
• Call Queues
• Instant Messaging / Chat
• Call Recording and Monitoring
• Conferencing
• Reporting

IP Communications, the solution to provide faster, converged networks, is now the dominant technology for business communications, making it easier to add new services and applications in the future. As your business grows and requires upgrades, your UC system can easily grow with you. You benefit from greater interoperability since a flexible IP architecture lets you share applications and communicate like never before.

Many cost savings can be achieved as a result of transitioning to a UC solution. In this scenario for a 35-employee business, the savings amounted to nearly $12,000 a year.

With all features included, you can save more than 60% on your initial investment and 80% on your total costs with our Unified Communications Solution.

Contact Bizco today for an evaluation of your current phone and internet bill to see how your new phone system can pay for itself and more with a proven ROI from Bizco Technologies. (402) 323-4888 | www.bizco.com | info@bizco.com

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