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Bizco Technologies

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Bizco Technologies is an integrator of IT, communications and AV solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and education clients. We are a leader in voice/data convergence, wireless networks, e-business development and audiovisual solutions and design.

Founded in 1994, Bizco Technologies operates with the core philosophy to help other local businesses grow by implementing the right information technology and audio-visual solutions. The past few years have included key milestones for the company, including LIBA’s Business Owner of the Year and Panasonic’s Enterprise Reseller of the Year.  Bizco’s employees will work to provide exceptional service for you, while helping your company achieve its goals with an excellent ROI.

Bizco eliminates all the factors that can bring a company down, such as inefficient networks, ill-equipped and broken technology, poor internal communication, and inadequate conference room and display solutions. By doing so, Bizco allows businesses to worry about growing their business, and not the factors that are holding them back.


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