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PreCheck MyScript: New Online Drug Prescribing Solution for UnitedHealthcare Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid Benefit Plans

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By Dr. Christine Laramee

As physicians, we know you spend several hours each week on prior authorization requests, especially when it comes to prescribing drugs. Many of those requests are done by placing phone calls or sending faxes, taking up valuable time and resources that could be spent with your patients.

UnitedHealthcare’s new online drug prescribing solution, PreCheck MyScript, can help simplify the drug prescribing experience, streamline the prior authorization process and make it easier for you and your patient to compare drug costs.

Here’s what it is:

PreCheck MyScript provides current cost information based on your patient’s benefit plan, and gives you specific pharmacy information and details of their insurance coverage at the time of prescribing. It also automates prior authorizations when they are needed, reducing the need for phone calls or faxes. This allows for more timely prescriptions, less administrative waste, and a better patient experience.

PreCheck MyScript is now available to all UnitedHealthcare network care providers through Link. If you are using one of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platforms already integrated with PreCheck MyScript, the solution will be directly embedded into your existing workflow. UnitedHealthcare is working with DrFirst and Allscripts, as well as other EMR partners, to integrate this capability at the point of care.

How it works:

  • You prescribe a medication for your patient using PreCheck MyScript.
  • The solution shows real-time drug pricing for the selected pharmacy.
  • You will be told if the drug requires prior authorization, or if it is not covered or non-preferred.
  • The solution will provide alternative medications which may not require prior authorization, with the associated cost for each ‒ all before the prescription is sent to the pharmacy.
  • If you still prefer the drug requiring prior authorization, you can submit the authorization online, and in some instances, receive instant approval.

How to access PreCheck MyScript:

Sign in to Link by going to UHCprovider.com and clicking on the Link button in the top right corner. Then, select the PreCheck MyScript app tile on your Link dashboard.

  • If you don’t have PreCheck MyScript on your Link dashboard, select the Link Marketplace on Link and search for PreCheck MyScript. Add the app to your dashboard to start using it.
  • If you aren’t registered for Link, go to UHCprovider.com and click “New User” to get started.

To see a brief demonstration on how PreCheck MyScript works, you can watch a short video at UHCprovider.com/PreCheckMyScript. If you’d like specific training on how to use this new solution, please contact Dr. Christine Laramee directly at 813- 890-6307.

Christine Laramee, MD is a medical director at UnitedHealthcare in Florida. Before joining UnitedHealthcare, she owned a solo practice of family medicine and wellness in Pinellas County, and served as medical director at The Hospice of the Florida Suncoast for ten years. She is board certified in family medicine, hospice and palliative care and received her medical degree from Universite de Montreal.


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