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Marketing Your Medical Practice (Series 1 of 4)

(1 of 4)

Having been in the marketing profession my entire life, there is one thing I know for sure.  The best marketing is a well run business.  If you have organized your office and procedures around the customers….er… patient’s experience, you are sure to do well.  Good service is customary.  Great service is rare and people will naturally gravitate toward it.  If the survival of your practice depends on growth, then you need to strive for great service.

The best way to ensure growth is to maintain a consistent patient experience from the first moment of awareness to the coveted referral.  Marketing and advertising can pull in all the leads it can afford, however an ill-run office will void all that effort.

Here are a few steps in the experience process to take a look at, from your patient’s point of view.  Remember, positive touch points along the way define your overall patient experience.

Ease of Contact

Was the information to contact your office easily obtainable and correct?  Was it easy for the patient to contact your office and complete their objective on the first call? (ie: make an appointment or ask a question)  If your website is used as part of the contact or paperwork process, is all the information correct and up to date?

Curb Appeal

When a patient visits your office, is your office easy to find?  Do they feel comfortable in your neighborhood walking from the bus stop or parking spot to your front door?

Waiting Room

Was the patient received in a friendly and timely manner?  In other words, did they feel welcome and in the correct place when they arrived?  Was the waiting room comfortable and suitable for the amount of time they waited?  When was the last time you sat in every chair in the waiting room from the patient’s perspective or visited your office as a pretend patient?  It’s good to pretend to be your own patient every once in a while. 

Check Out

Was the check out process intuitive and easy to navigate?  If you needed to take payment from the patient, was the process simple and any concerns handled sincerely?

Follow Up

Do you follow up with your patients x many days after their visit?  If applicable, do you encourage testimonials or reviews as part of your follow up?

Value is subjective.  People engage more, spend more and refer more when the perceived benefit of experiencing your service is higher then what other practices offer.  If you are expecting growth, you need to keep an eye on your patient’s experience with your entire practice – start to finish.

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