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Grants Available to Help Florida Families Pay for Pediatric Medical Expenses

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Do you have a pediatric patient whose family may need assistance paying for medical expenses? The UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation awards medical grants to help children gain access to health-related services that are not covered, or not fully covered, by their family’s commercial health insurance plan. Some examples include paying for hearing aids, counseling, wheelchairs or speech therapy.


Applicants don’t need to be UnitedHealthcare members – any commercial health insurance plan member is eligible to apply. Grants are available throughout the year to children ages 16 and younger who are facing health-related challenges and whose families meet certain financial criteria. Qualifying families can receive up to $5,000 annually per child (and up to a $10,000 lifetime maximum), to help cover the cost of medical treatments, equipment and services. Families can apply for grants at uhccf.org/apply.


If you would like to receive UHCCF brochures for your practice, please call 855-MY-UHCCF, email customerservice@uhccf.org, or contact Christine Laramee at christine_laramee@uhc.com.


Since 2007, UHCCF has awarded over 13,000 grants valued at more than $35 million to children and their families across the United States. Just last year, the Foundation awarded 193 grants totaling nearly $353,000 to Florida families. Funding is provided by contributions from individuals, corporations and UnitedHealth Group employees. The foundation hopes to award more than 2,000 grants in 2017. For more information, visit UHCCF.org.

Christine Laramee, MD is a medical director at UnitedHealthcare in Florida. Before joining UnitedHealthcare, she owned a solo practice of family medicine and wellness in Pinellas County, and served as medical director at The Hospice of the Florida Suncoast for ten years. She is board certified in family medicine, hospice and palliative care and received her medical degree from Universite de Montreal.

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