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Prevention of Medical Errors: Protecting Your Patients & Your Practice

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This educational webinar is designed to satisfy the Florida Prevention of Medical Errors continuing medical education requirement.

Diagnostic errors continue to be the most frequent chief medical factor in professional liability claims. This healthcare risk management webinar will focus on NORCAL claims stemming from diagnostic error. Discussion of actual closed claims will identify risk management strategies you may implement in your practice to help mitigate your liability risk exposure and increase patient safety.

Learning Objectives
By reviewing the key risk issues related to medical errors, this educational activity will support your ability to:

  • Assess your practice for risk management issues that contribute to quality of care violations.
  • Identify risk management issues that contribute to diagnostic errors.
  • Apply risk management best practices to reduce the potential for medical errors and to improve patient safety, including the most misdiagnosed conditions determined by the Florida Board of Medicine.
  • Evaluate sentinel events through root cause analysis.
  • Implement process/performance improvement measures.

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